RICH REVIEWS: Senturies # 1

Title: Senturies # 1
Publisher: Scifies
Story by: Ramon Gil
Art by: Ian Waryanto
Cover by: Mikiko Ponczeck & Kevin Stone
Colors by: Macarena Cortes
Lettering & Production by: Ramon Gil
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: Lots of blue is used in coloring this comic, it is blue toned throughout. This works for the story.
Alexes Ozuka aka Spitfire is a pilot. Now she gets herself into some trouble. Her trouble though may just be starting. She sees something that just cannot be. Alexes is illustrated and written as a strong female character. She is also a bit of a hothead.
The story keeps changing time periods making it hard to follow. There is something going on though.
Eventually we find out about “Sentries” a defense space station in orbit around Earth. The extraordinary thing is who mans it.
Alexes has just started one amazing adventure. This issue is the start of a truly epic sci-fi story that you will not want to miss. Gorgeous art in a style all its own and a story that will captivate you.

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