RICH REVIEWS: Scifies # 3

Title: Scifies # 3
Publisher: Ramon Gil
Written by: Ramon Gil
Artists: various
Cover Art: Allen Martinez
Lettering by: Ramon Gil
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments:  “The Profession(s)” Words by Ramon Gil, Art by Lui Antonio and Colors by Macarena Cortes.
Here a team of men operates as one super-hero under one police man’s guidance. The city needs a super-hero to look up to, to be inspired by. This story has a unique take on the creation of a super-hero. The art is well enough but nothing that stands out.
“Life With Superpowers” Story by Ramon Gil, Illustrated by Gilbert Monsanto and Colors by Macarena Cortes.
Here a man starts on what looks to be his greatest adventure getting married and the spaceship and guy in it that give him a bracelet are going to add interesting things to his life. This man is on the way to becoming greatness.
“The Bee” Written by Ramon Gil, Illustrated by Roy Allan Matinez and Colors by Macarena Cortes.
This story is kind of poking fun at Batman. The Bee though does actually look like a great super-hero. This story has fun in it and the Wasp villain fits right in with the motif. Great concept here for a super-hero title.

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