RICH REVIEWS: Scifies # 2

Title: Scifies # 2
Publisher: Ramon Gil
Written by: Ramon Gil
Artists: various
Cover Art: Len Peralta
Inside Colors by: Macarena Cortes
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Senturies” Story by Ramin Gil, Illustrated by Ian Waryanto.
This story is a short one that leads into “Senturies #1”. It is done in the blue and white color style. The Captain it seems is just starting out on an adventure one that is going somewhere unexpected with someone unexpected.
“The Men from D.A.R.P.A.” Words by Ramin Gil, Pictures by Cee Raymond.
One of man works for the government. Now the story has this man being part of a group of friends which are infiltrated by a woman. Which leads to a shootout and high-speed car chase. This is a brief preview of “The Men from Darpa # 1”.
“Race Encounters of the Third Kind” Written by Ramon Gil, Illustrated by Len Peralta and colors by Calis Chokoreto.
This is a weird little story about racial prejudice among chickens. The art style is cute.
“The Hard Code” Written by Ramon Gil, Illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden and Colors by Macarena Cortes.
A human and an android cop are partners. Now they get a case which may change the way the world looks at androids. The coloring is used to let you know who the androids are it works. The faces could use more detail and the art at times is to darkly colored. This is a preview of “The Hard Code # 1”.
“Truer Than Trousdale” Written by & Illustrated by Ramon Gil.
The art is simple here and done in a two-tone style using one color and white per page. These stories are posted online at 

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