RICH REVIEWS: Scifies # 1

Title: Scifies # 1
Publisher: Ramon Gil
Written by: Ramon Gil
Artists: various
Cover Art: Ruby Nebres and colored by Kevin Stone
Inside Colors by: Kevin Stone & Macarena Cortes
Lettering and production by: Ramon Gil
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “The Digit Debacle” Written by Ramon Gil, Illustrated by Lui Antonio and Colors Kevin Stone.
Humans have made contact with an alien race on the planet Waldo, the Waloo. It is funny or not so funny how one little thing can make a big difference. The art is done well and does fit the story nicely. The aliens do look excited. The story itself does build in excitement leading to a conclusion you could see coming but probably will not.
“Driving Mr. Stewart” Penned & Tinted by Ramon Gil, Visuals by Len Peralta.
This is a fun short story poking some fun at Star Trek. It is well handled and funny. It will make you smile. Good likenesses on the celebrities that are drawn here.
“Facebook Face-Off” Story by Ramon Gil, Illustrated by Roy Allan Martinez.
Beautiful art showcases two super-heroes The Bee and Soraya. They look amazing in the action scenes. Their banter about Facebook is so normal just like everyday people.
“Hostlie Takeover” Story by Ramon Gil, Illustrated by Bill Walko.
This story has a frightening foreshadowing of what could be coming. The story really draws you into it. The art is done in a blue and white style that for this story fits beautifully.
“The Hairiest Ride” Written by Ramon Gil, Illustrated by Derwin Roberson and Colors by Macarena Cortes.
This is an interesting take combining Star Wars with Native American mythology. The art is done in a cute style.
This a a wonderful collection of short stories that are going to make you think.

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