RICH REVIEWS: Riverdale Season 3 # 1

Title: Riverdale Season 3 # 1
Publisher: Archie Comics
Written by: Micol Ostow
Artists: Thomas Pitilli, Joe Eisma
Colors: Andre Szymanowicz, Matt Herms
Letters: John Workman, Janice Chiang
Cover: Thomas Pitilli
Variant Cover: Joe Eisma
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Rear Window” You will not even recognize Vee aka Veronica Lodge. She is drawn beautiful but looks nothing like you would expect.
As Vee, Archie, Betty, and Jughead hang out they see something strange in the neighborhood. The characters are written with drama and as if they are ordinary teenagers, not Archie characters. It does portray them as they are in the TV series of Riverdale and not the regular comic book.
The mystery does intensify. The suspect is up to no good and the gang well they are suspicious.
They just does not seem like an Archie Comics story.
“Mommie Dearest” Archie’s trial is mentioned but not what he is on trial for? Maybe if you watch the TV series Riverdale you might know. It would be nice to get a short recap though in the comic. Veronica wants to open a Speakeasy? Her mother is the Mayor? Having Veronica and Betty both breaking the law several times over is different. Again this is based on the TV show and not the classic comic book.
The characters are here just they are not the same.

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