RICH REVIEWS: Re-Fried Comics 

Title: Re-Fried Comics
Publisher: Fried Comics
Writer: Clay Adams, Alexandre O. Philippe
Art by Emil Gershwin, Lou Cameron, Jack Roseberger
Price: free digital
Rating:  2 out of 5 stars
Comments: These stories keep the original art but the words are all new and totally different.
Freida the waitress is the narrator for these three tales. She is a woman with an attitude.
“The Adventures of Captain Werewolf!”
Marmaduke and Lupe two criminals have a most unusual and sexual thing to do to fight Captain Werewolf the do-gooder. The story does focus on going spelunking just not in a cave. Also on wearing gloves so your fingers stay fresh smelling. This story really makes little sense at all. The art in its classic style looks amazing.
“The Type That’s Poison”
Francine is blind as to how Johnny is treating her. This is a love story with only one person being in love. Throughout the story, there are tons of references to having sex. Great classic art but the story leaves you wondering why you’re reading this.
“Honeymoon On Planet Death!”
This story centers around a hat and a fudge recipe. What is up with wanting to smell hands? The classic art in this outer space adventure is gorgeously done. The story is not interesting.
Asinine tales does describe these stories.

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