RICH REVIEWS: Prometheus In Chains # 3

Title: Prometheus In Chains # 3
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Written & Created by: Rich Davis
Art by: Jordan DiRenzo
Colors by: Alex Zief
Letters by: Dave Lentz
Cover by: Les Lindon Garner
Price: $ 4.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Poor Doctor Victor Frankenstein he did so love his wife. We see how much it affected Victor when he lost her. Now he wants her back. Victor does bring something to life.
Victor does not give up and you can feel the love he has for Elizabeth his dead wife driving him to continue. You might feel pity for his lost soul.
The dreams Victor has are troubling. They show he could be losing his mind.
The story centers around Victor and his fragile hold on reality. In his dreams, he sees things that may or may not be real. In reality, he creates things that may lead to his downfall. Well, downfall even more than he already has.
This is a different take on the Frankenstein tale and it will you look at the Doctor a bit differently. His motivation here is different and his subject to. What he does bring back though is a question to be answered in coming issues.

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