Nyobi and Penguina Team up in classic superhero style for the very first time. Penguina created by Ben Dunn

Remember back in the day when comicbook used to have epic crossovers? Well with the Superverse we are able to do this once again! Ben Dunn (creator of Penguina and founder of Antarctic Press) and I are proud to bring our two characters together in Nyobi’s world as Nyobi and her new friend Penguina team up for the very first time to take on the new bargirl on the block, Adona!  This book is not only a fun read but is 100% canon to Nyobi’s story


Before developing her powers, Nyobi was performing in all-girl J-pop super-group The Geisha Dolls. At age 16, during a meet-and-greet at the Mega-Plex mall in Tokyo, Nyobi’s powers manifested while she was being mobbed by a large group of fans. A ring of light flashed in front of everyone’s eyes, and she was gone. She reappeared at the back of the building, and quickly realized her life was about to change forever. 

Sent in a dimensional portal ship and landing in the Antarctic as a baby, Penguina is found and raised by Samurai Penguin. Leaving to see the world once she’s grown, she finds out she has the ability to mimic powers of any comic character if she reads the comic but only for 1 hour! To keep a low profile, she takes a secret identity working as an intern at a small comic company…until Penguina is needed! 

With this crossover Penguina aka Penny Winters dives head first into Nyobi’s world. With like most multiverse characters we have made changes to her but at the same time keeping what makes Penguina special! Get ready to enjoy a wild adventure featuring two great characters coming together in a crossover that takes us back to the simple pure fun of comics.


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