RICH REVIEWS: Project MK-Ultra: Sex, Drugs & the CIA Vol. 1

Title: Project MK-Ultra: Sex, Drugs & the CIA Vol. 1 (HC)
Publisher: Clover Press
Adapted, Illustrated & Designed by: Stewart Kenneth Moore
Price: 29.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Beautiful colors are used as we see a psychedelic dream trip caused by LSD. The illustrations of the visions seen are weird things that you are likely to never see again.
A new young journalist Seymour is working on a story about Ronald Stark a man involved with the selling of LSD. His career ends up taking a turn for the worst. He loses a lot.
Is there a conspiracy going on? Are the CIA involved? Was one of their own an LSD dealer? Questions are coming up and it is a mystery. Seymour got caught right in the middle of it.
The hallucinating effects of LSD are shown throughout the story. Seymour now he just gets pulled in more and more. Is there really a conspiracy?
Albert Hoffman is the discovery of LSD. Which leads to MK-Ultra being formed by the CIA. They are a top-secret group. This group has a mission and it is not something the CIA would want the general public to know about. What this group does is criminal. It is abusive and morally wrong.
This is a mature comic as it has nudity and full sex scenes.
The art throughout this book
This is a drama-filled story with lots of conspiracies. Seymour is in over his head. Yet he wants to know the truth.

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