RICH REVIEWS: Powers Squared # 6

Title: Powers Squared # 6
Publisher: Powers Squared
Created by: David Hankins, Paul Hankins, Trevor Hankins
Written by: David Hankins and Paul Hankins
Edited by: Paul Hankins
Pencil, Inks, and Cover by: Rachel Wells
Colors by: Nina Gaillard
Lettering by: Trevor Hankins
Price: $ 1.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Powers brothers are enjoying their fame. These two brothers are great guys just not everyone is happy about their fame. Drama does happen. Kirby is feeling sorry for himself. He is shown being really bothered by the success of the brothers and that he does not have that.
Marty and Eli Powers are campus heroes. They are supposed to be keeping a low profile and this popularity may cause trouble.
Marty and Eli may have powers yet we get to see they are just two ordinary students. They care about their friends. Which includes Kirby and something is up with him. Kirby is taking a turn into territory that he may regret. You can feel the tension around him.
The Powers brothers are down to earth heroes.

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