RICH REVIEWS: Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern # 2

Title: Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern # 2
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Story: Robbie Thompson
Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Barnaby Bagenda
Colors: Alex Guimaraes
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Ethan Van Sciver with colors by Jason Wright
Variant Covers: Robet Sammelin, Paul Rivoche with Design by Scott Newman, Felipe Massafera, David Ryan Robinson with charater portraits by Rod Reis, George Perez with Inks by Jerry Ordway and Colors by Blond
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: There is a Universal Ring and its alive and tapped into the emotional spectrum. The ring was sent to the Planet of the Apes Earth.
The story has apes treating Jordan just like apes did in the first movie. Apes think humans are just animals.
The gorilla shown is drawn well, his features pop out.
For the most part though the features of the characters are not sharp enough. They blend into each other way to much. At times it looks blurry.
Sinestro when he appears is drawn in a situation to show you he is evil.
As a rescue mission is readied Guy Gardner picks up one more member to go to this Planet of the Apes. He is the perfect one to go with them if he does not kill them. No he is illustrated quite well. He is impressive in his powerful demeanor.

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