Canada’s Newest Super-Team … Agents of PACT #1

In case no one noticed I am a Canadian. Which automatically makes me an SCTV enthusiast and connoisseur of Poutine.

Agents of Pact #1 Cover
Agents of Pact #1 Cover

Much like our TV shows up here in Canada, a lot of the comic books available are the very recognizable mainstream American comics. Some countries reprint American comics through local companies but I guess because we share a continent and language (our French comics not withstanding) American comics have been shipped up here for decades and decades. So I was raised on American comic books with a particular love of DC Comics.  Similarly to the TV shows, every once in a while, there would be a Canadian publisher that would pop up and make an impact producing home grown comics with homegrown heroes. Dave Sim’s Cerebus, Bill Marks’ Mister X, and of course Richard Comley’s Captain Canuck come to mind with all experiencing some success in America.

I’m going to assume you have heard that Chapterhouse Publishing has been publishing new adventures of a totally revamped Captain Canuck for the past few years. Most definitely worth checking out! In addition to Captain Canuck, Chapterhouse is also publishing some great comics from Jason Loo’s fantastic The Pitiful Human-Lizard to Archie Comics alumni, Dan Parent & Fernando Ruiz’s Die Kitty Die. Well Chapterhouse is expanding the shared “Chapterverse” of Captain Canuck and friends with a year long initiative featuring a bunch of series featuring easy to get on board with four issue story arcs. I already spoke about Freelance last week. This week let’s take a look at Agents of PACT #1.

The Agents of PACT series will follow the continued exploits of the paranormal investigations department of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service lead by Director Manon Deschamps, a former superhero that went by the codename Fleur De Lys. The rest of the mainly female team are Marla Ritchie as a field agent and Captain Canuck’s former teammate, Redcoat as a Field Commander. What follows in issue #1 is a typical setup story as told by Kalman Andrasofszky and Blake Northcott. Introduce everyone, introduce concepts behind the book, set the stage and the first mission. Although it does continue some of the events set in motion in the Captain Canuck comic like the cleaning up after the last battle on the site of Mr. Gold’s mountain lair I didn’t feel it was necessary to have read those comics to enjoy the first issue.

Agents of Pact #1 Interior Page
Agents of Pact #1 Interior Page

Federica Manfredi’s art reminds me of a more mainstream version of Michael Allred’s style. Same cartoony feel but with more detailed linework. Federica’s style works well with the tone of the story along with Caroline Nolasco’s colouring adding depth and shading to create a great looking book.

A very fine addition to the Chapterverse and I’d easily put this book up against anything Marvel is publishing these days. If you are not looking at comics from Chapterhouse I need to encourage you to give them a try. Good … solid … comics. Available for preorder at your Local Comic Shop and digitally at Comixology. Back issues and some fantastic merchandise is also available at

Issue: Agents of PACT #1 | Publisher: Chapterhouse Publishing
Writers: Kalman Andrasofszky & Blake Northcott | Artists: Federica Manfredi & Caroline Nolasco
Price: $3.99

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