RICH REVIEWS: Pitiful Human-Lizard # 16

Title: Pitiful Human-Lizard # 16
Publisher: Chapter House Comics
Creator/Story/Art/Cover: Jason Loo
Colour Assists: Meaghan Carter
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Websites: ,
Comments: Mother Wonder and Human-Lizard are off on a deadly space adventure to fight aliens. They join up with Mother Wonder’s old team of Divine Paladin’s. The Human-Lizard keeps getting put down as not being good enough and it is to his credit that he does not listen. He knows his own worth.
The Paladins have been interfering with other worlds and one decided to push back. More than push back. The Daikottans attacked and they had a weapon that could hurt and even kill the Paladins.
The Paladins are in for the fight of their lives something they are not used to.
The Human-Lizard did need to be used more. Having him stay on the sidelines does not make use of the star of the comic.
The different looking aliens are great to see.
The overall comic is done in a laid-back style. The heroes are definitely shown as heroes just it is not overly done.
Mother Wonder and the other Divine Paladins are really too stuck up. You will enjoy seeing them brought down a peg or two until it turns harmful.

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