RICH REVIEWS: Harrow County # 26

Title: Harrow County # 26
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Script: Cullen Bunn
Art, Lettering and Cover: Tyler Crook
“Tales of Harrow County”: Script Tyler Crook, Art Alise Gluskova
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: out of 5 stars
Comments: Emmy sends a haint to do her bidding. The haint must do her bidding but you can tell it really wants to please her. It is a creature that most would fear and shy away from. So for it having Emmy care about him is a blessing.
Emmy here is deeply hurt but Kammi her sister.
Kammi is the evil version of Emmy and she has her own haints.
Bernice Emmy’s friend has grown powerful in her own right. Powerful enough to stand against Kammi we will see. You can just feel the evil emanating from Kammi and the determination from Bernice.
Kammi is the face of evil.
“Tales of Harrow County: Exterminator” This is a tale about an Exterminator who found love and then it ends very weirdly. This is Harrow County after all.

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