RICH REVIEWS: Nottingham Vol. 2 A King’s Ransom 

Title: Nottingham Vol. 2 A King’s Ransom
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: David Hazan
Artist: Shane Connery Volk
Colorist: Luca Romano
Letterer: Justin Birch
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: In the year of our Lord 1193 in the town of Nottingham we see Sheriff Everard Blackthorne walking down the street.
The Sheriff faces Hood in the forest only the odds are in Hood’s favor. Things do go the Sheriff’s way yet the meeting here will lead to another meeting later.
Now King Richard has been kidnapped. A ransom is asked and the Sheriff and his men get the delivery duty. You know, of course, there is no way they will be left alone to deliver it in peace.
The Lady Marian now she is resourceful. Marian does make a huge move here. She is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it with a passion.
The art does portray a beautiful Marian, Little John who looks big and touched, the Merry Men are drawn as a rough-looking group, the Sheriff is a dark soul that has a hard edge, Robin has loyalty to his King and is willing to fight to save him.
The characters here are very different from the ones you may have read about or heard of. Robin Hood, Little John, Lady Marian, and Sheriff of Nottingham you will recognize them at first then as the story unfolds you will realize you do not know these characters who are a twisted version of the ones you know of.
Alliances are made, making for strange bedfellows. Everyone has an agenda here. They all want something. The question is who is willing to push the hardest to get it?
The Sheriff and Hood are both off to France on a ship to rescue King Richard. This ship is a playground for untrust.
Lady Marian is one bloodthirsty woman. The artfully brings this fact across. Marian gets some allies in the Merry Men while Hood is away. Marian has a pretty face but her heart, but her heart is black as a pit she is one evil creature.
The Sheriff does go all out to uncover the killer aboard the ship. This leads to a brutal battle involving the Sheriff. Blood is drawn. The Sheriff is drawn as a dark-flowing character whom you would expect to be a bad character yet here he is on the side of good. His methods are harsh though which fits in perfectly with this series and its atmosphere.
A Saracen Aya is found onboard. She just wants to go home. She is sure to add some excitement to the voyage.
This take on Robin Hood is way different than anything you have ever read.
The Sheriff and Robin Hood fight together here. They want to rescue their King. The Sheriff and Robin Hood along with their men are being picked off one by one. There is a traitor in their midst. The Sheriff does come up with a good idea on how to find out who it is.
Harald is a wild man and when confronted he fights like one. He is big and strong yet with numbers he can be beaten.
Meanwhile back at Sherwood Forest Little John and Maid Marrian have their plans to put forward.
The Sheriff is the main star of this book. He is a hard man with moral values and loyal to his King and country.
The story and the characters involved here in this issue are not written clear enough if you had not read any of the previous issues you would have very little idea about what is going on. A bit more information was needed. More on the relationships and why people are doing what they are.
The art brings across just how rough and tough these people are. It gives them a crude look that lets you know these people will fight and die if necessary.
The Sheriff, Robin Hood, and Aya do continue onward to save the King. The Sheriff and Hood do find King Richard and an escape begins with bloodshed. Aya now has helped them yet we see she is full of surprises. Not only is she full of them but also the King as well. If you think you know these characters think again.
There is so much going on. Lady Marian, King Richard, and Robin Hood all are maneuvering trying to bring their plans to fruition. The Sheriff is just trying to do what he thinks is right and best for the people. King Richard, now trumps them all with his secret plan. You will not see this coming.
This book is an unbelievable take on the Robin Hood classic tale.

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