Don’t Get Stung When Playing Online Roulette Games

Sign up to and then log into any online casino site these days, and it is not uncommon to be presented with literally thousands of different casino games, and as such it is safe to say by doing so you will soon find plenty of games that you have played before and enjoy playing.

Whilst it is fun to try out different casinos, what you do of course need to be aware of is that they are ultimately there to make the owners a lot of money, and as a player, you need to educate yourself to just which games offer you the best paybacks and the maximum winning opportunities.

With that in mind, and as Roulette is one of the most played online casino games, I am going to give you, via the following guide, an insight into the many different variants of that timeless casino table game and let you know how they have been designed.

The aim will be to present to you a whole host of facts and figures about each Roulette game variant so that you can make a much more informed decision as to just which one is going to be the best game to play.

Just be aware of the fact that when playing at an online casino site, you do get the option to play using demo mode credits, and as such if you have never played at such a site before, by initially playing for free you will be able to decide for yourself whether playing for real money is something you may wish to do at a later day.

By playing at no risk you will additionally be able to get to grips with how to play Roulette or for that matter any other casino game online and master the finer art of placing your bets and wagers at no initial risk to your own funds.

Double and Triple Zero Roulette Games

Two games that you should always avoid playing at any of the hundreds of different online casinos available to you, are the Double Zero Roulette game along with its new evil sister variant, that being Triple Zero Roulette game, for taking it from me, you are going to lose your money much quicker over time when playing either of those variants.

Due to the added zeros on the wheel and on the betting layout, and with there being no increase in the value of the winning payouts associated with every other possible bet you can place on those two variants the house edge of them both is huge.

As for just how high that house edge is, well if you make the mistake of playing the Double Zero game, the house edge on it works out to be 5.26%. The Triple Zero variant has an even higher house edge of some 7.69%.

Fortunately not many online casinos offer the Triple Zero game, but you will find more and more land-based casinos have chosen to offer just that variant to their casino visitors, purely to increase the money the casino will make and the speed at which they can often make that excess gaming income.

European Roulette

One good variant you can play online is the European Roulette game, for with just one single zero on the wheel and betting layout the house edge of that game is 2.70%.

Whilst that low house edge is no guarantee you will win, over the long term it does offer players much better value than those two variants mentioned above, and with the addition of casino comps even more playing value can be locked in.

French Roulette

The lowest risk bets that you can place on any Roulette game are the even money paying bets, those, of course, being the Red or Black betting option or the Odd or Even or the High or Low number betting opportunities.

Those bets are ones that many low-risk players will much prefer playing for the odds of them having a winning bet are reasonable, and if they do win after placing one of those bets they get a payout of even money on the stake they placed.

One Roulette game that you should make a point of tracking down and playing if you only ever place those low-risk bets and wagers is the French Roulette variant, for it has a house edge of just 1.35% on those betting opportunities.

The reason for that low house edge is that there will be one of two additional rules attached to that variant, one sees losing even money paying bets whenever a zero spins in staying on the betting layout for the next spin, so they are not removed as a losing bet when zero does make an appearance or half of the players stake money is returned on those bets when zero is spun in.

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