RICH REVIEWS: Nottingham Vol. 1: Death and Taxes (GN)

Title: Nottingham Vol. 1: Death and Taxes (GN)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: David Hazan
Artist: Shane Connery Volk
Colorist: Luca Romano
Letterer: Joamette Gil
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book collects issues one to five.
Part One. The Merry Men of Sherwood Forest are shown as a vicious gang. Sheriff Everard Blackthorne and Captain Alan Dale find a dead tax collector.
The first illustrated castle you see is an amazing piece of art.
The Lady Marian has a strong will and she is tough. She is also a beautiful redhead. Hood, now leads the Merry Men and he is also in a relationship with Marian. This is not your normal Robin Hood story. Many things are quite different than you will be used to.
Part Two. Will Scarlett has been murdered and the Sheriff is on the case. He wants to know who did it. The Sheriff does go about investigating like a detective would questioning suspects and investigating the scene and evidence. The Sheriff does find his killer and they are illustrated in one hard-fought battle.
Part Three. The scenery is so beautifully illustrated. The countryside is breathtaking.
Friar Tuck fights against the Sheriff until they join forces. Alan Dale is a man who loves his family above all else. The Sheriff is unrelenting as he carries on with his investigation.
Hood, Little John, and his Merry Men along with Lady Marian have a plan yet that plan may be part of the Sheriff’s plan.
Part Four. Lady Marian does seem to be playing both sides in this.
In Nottingham, the Sheriff and his men find themselves in the fight of their lives as Hood and his Merry Men attack. They plan to take Nottingham. The Sheriff does not look overly intelligent yet he misses nothing. He does find a traitor in their midst.
The art on the characters does give them a slightly extended appearance. It is a bit different and it does work nicely. The outfits are perfect for the time period. The Sheriff is drawn with a dark side to him yet he is fighting on the side of good.
Part Five. The battle comes down to the Sheriff and Hood. The Lady Marian shows up to join in as well. This is a hard-fought fight. This battle is not the way you would expect the story to go. Things are way different than the traditional story of Robin Hood.
The noir style and the twists to this tale you thought you knew to make this a compelling read.

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