“Envoy of the Lord” by Scott O’Connell

Former Army Counterintelligence agent and author Scott O’Connell (Nom de Plume – S. W. O’Connell) has written a historical novel about the Age of Charlemagne Envoy of the Lord which is not only filled with action and intrigue but is a time travel story which is deals with political and metaphysical themes and is historically accurate. Scott and I went to Xavier High School in Manhattan in the 1960s.  He has written several historical novels on the American Revolution and is now branching out into other areas of history.  The story has lots of adventure and scenes of hand-to-hand combat with period weapons from the Ninth Century.  It also has some relevance to the geopolitical situation we are facing now.  If you enjoy swashbuckling adventure and political intrigue with a SciFi twist check this out!

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