RICH REVIEWS: Nightmare Patrol # 2

Title: Nightmare Patrol # 2
Publisher: Vector Comics
Writers: Jeff and Bruce J. Haas
Art & Cover: Frankie B. Washington
Colors: Mae Hao
Letters: Zen
Inside over: JC & Mae Hao
Book Design & Vector Comics Logo: HCMP
Nightmare Patrol Logo: Jamilyn K. Parks
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The art needs more focus and details. The art is to vague. The close-ups are done better.
The story drags on until finally the witch, vampire, werewolf and golem all start working together. They face an army of zombies. The action is way to short lived and takes to long to get to it.
Night Corpse the vampire is drawn flying and fighting the zombies it is a cool scene. The werewolf is a creature of feral natural.
The use of these nightmare creatures as a team works. The witch needed to be more involved and the Cap. needs to lead more.
The savageness of these creatures needs to be brought out more. The Golem is there but his power and strength and destructive nature should be shown more.
The monsters do make one monstrous squad. They are a good blending of various creatures thought to be evil but here they on the side of the angels.

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