RICH REVIEWS: My Pet Dinosaur

Jake discovers a new friend who is remarkably different from everyone else in his struggling town. The young boy discovers a mysterious adventure awaits as he learns more about his unique new pal who is increasingly hard to keep secret.

Directed by:
Matt Drummond

Writing Credits:
Matt Drummond

Jordan Dulieu … Jake Emory
Annabel Wolfe … Abbie Tansy
Scott Irwin  … Alan Farraday
Beth Champion … Jennifer Emory
Rowland Holmes … Colonel Roderick
Christopher Gabardi … Dr. Fred Tansy (as Chris Gabardi)
Harrison Saunders … Mike Emory
Tom Rooney … Charles Altman
Sam Winspear-Schillings … Max Merman
Jack Mars … Dylan Finkelstein
Darius Williams … Jimmy Jonas
Tiriel Mora … Trevor Brown
Stephen Davis … Will Spencer
Joanne Samuel … Doris Mercher
David Roberts … Doctor
Jack Davis … Captain
Dawn Foote … Laboratory Tech
Evan Hughes … Onlooker
Geoffrey Larson … School Teacher
Meghan Drummond … Waitress

Produced by:

Carol Drummond … line producer
Matt Drummond … producer
Pat Drummond … unit associate producer
Faisal Toor … executive producer
Megan Williams … producer


Run Time: 1 hr, 35 min
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Great visuals as this movie starts. The opening does make it obvious the town of Brightwood is in for some excitement.
Jake and his friends go out at night and exploring in the forest. Abbie joins in. They bring something back with them. Then something most unexpected happens.
Magnus is so cute. The animation is marvelous, very realistic. This is no ordinary dinosaur. The things that start happening go from strange to weird to out of this world. Magnus the dinosaur is shown growing and growing.
The military is shown as a sloppy unit. No discipline to them only some attitude from the commander.
Jake and Abbie do start getting closer. Mike the evil brother of Jake finds a reason not to be so evil.
The military drones add some menace for Magnus. He is no ordinary dinosaur as you can see in his reaction to the drones.
This movie is one beautiful adventure and a growing experience for Jake. The poor dinosaur has friends though to help him.
Jake and Abbie are the two characters that shine in this movie. The ending is a delight. You are left with some mysteries unsolved but that is fine that is just the way life works.

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