Title: My Hero
Publisher: King Bone Press
Writer: Greg Golem
Artist: Jon Westhoff
Cover Artist: Harry Moyer
Price: free (online)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Dr. has fought Awesome Man and now with Awesome Man gone so can anyone now pose a threat to the Dr.?
With Awesome Man dead there is a funeral. Now the funeral is a pitiful thing until the Dr. shows up. He actually felt for his fallen foe. He will miss him.
You will easily see the similarities between Awesome Man and Superman.
The comic is short at only fifteen pages. It is over fast. There is just enough time to bring the story across but not really get into any back stories. Not much character development.
The art is black and white and very well done. The Quickie was illustrated kind of stiff. Awesome Man is awesome in appearance. The Dr. is shown the most and he is brought to life through the art.
The Dr. may be evil but he is shown as human.
It would be nice to see a full-length comic book of these characters.

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