RICH REVIEWS: Murder Book: A Graphic Memoir of a True Crime Obsession

Title: Murder Book: A Graphic Memoir of a True Crime Obsession (GN)
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Writer/Artist: Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Right from the start this book will make you laugh. On the very next page after that, the writer says she wants to make you laugh. It is almost as if she knows what the reader is thinking.
This book is about why people are fascinated by True Crime in other words murder.
Hilary does come across with a passion for an interest in murder.
The Zodiac killer is talked about a lot. He did kill a lot of people. The Zodiac killer was a big influence on the author’s life. We also take a look at the Ted Bundy killings he had a particular type of woman he was after.
So what makes one interesting or even obsessed with True Crime? That question is asked. The answer well is up to you. There are so many TV shows, movies, and actual real crimes with murder in them. It is all around us.
Other famous murderers are mentioned and talked about.
Hilary has a way of broaching this subject that makes it entertaining and funny. Her art fits the storytelling nicely. It is simple yet conveys a lot. The book is long and does drag on a little too much. Hilary makes reading this book fun and you get to know her and how she thinks. You will end up liking her.

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