RICH REVIEWS: Murciélaga She-Bat Presents a Reiki Warriors Special # 19

Title: Murciélaga She-Bat Presents a Reiki Warriors Special # 19 (black and white preview edition)
Publisher: Heroic Publishing
Writer: Eric Dinehart
Penciler: Duncan Rouleau
Inker: Adrian Kleinbergen
Letterer: Vickie Williams
Price: $ 4.99 US, $ 5.75 Can
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The lettering is blurry making it very hard to read. We get to see the team and their Sifu and we learn very little about them. They are planning to fight someone and they have been training. Who and why would be nice to know?
Sifu the Master is attacked and we see him fighting to come back.
The Sifu is shown fully nude and so is the villain so this is a mature title.
The Sifu and his students must prepare for a coming attack. The Sifu explains what is going to happen and moves to prepare his students for what is coming. We see the team of Reiki Warriors preparing for death and they are not all brave. They are unsure and wavering they do not know how to handle this.
The Warriors do fight against this limitless powered man and the minions that follow him. The end to the battle is explained at all. It is just not all that good an end.
The characters here are not explored at all. Who are they and why should we care?
It is disappointing not to see Murciélaga The She-Bat in this story.

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