ART’S REVIEWS: Fury in Steel- Will Murray’s new Spider novel

Pulp legend Will Murray has written a sequel to his crossover novel The Doom Legion (which featured The Spider, G-8, and Operator 5)  focusing on The Spider and horrifying invasion of New York by Monstrous robots that start tearing up the subways, and skyscrapers.  Along the way they are killing dozens of people and they are virtually impervious to gun fire!  This is a true Spider story that would make Norvell W. Page proud with plenty of action, a large body count, and rampant destruction.

Will also discusses a new Spider novel he has in the works along with reprints of his Cthulhu stories and new Sherlock Holmes stories that are coming out in anthologies!

Lots of great inside information in this interview!


Fury in Steel- Fury Steel


The Doom Legion- Doom Legion


Will Murray Pages- Murry Murry

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