RICH REVIEWS: Martian Comics # 9

Title: Martian Comics # 9
Publisher: Martian Lit
Writer: Julian Darius
Art: Mansyur Daman
Letters: Julian Darius, Steven Legge
Cover Pencils: Ace Continuado
Cover Inks: Jeffrey Huet
Cover Colors: Donovan Yaciuk
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “The Second Most Dangerous Game,” Part 2 This story is done with black and white art.
Ivan and a General have brought two people to the General’s Island. Michael and Alice are prisoners. They were brought here for a reason.
The General a young boy is a hunter only he is a Martian.
The Martian city is beautifully illustrated. Lots of curved lines in it.
The tiger drawings are simply gorgeous. They give you the feeling of power in this tiger.
The hunt is on the General and Ivan are hunting Michael and Alice. The story perfectly sets up the hunt. All the characters are introduced so you know exactly what is going on and why.
The Martian’s may be advanced technologically but they are also shown as a savage backward race at least some of them.

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