RICH REVIEWS: Martian Comics # 8

Title: Martian Comics # 8
Publisher: Martian Lit
Writer: Julian Darius
Pencils: Sergio Tarquini, Mansyur Daman
Inks: Sara Nietto
Colors: R.L. Campos
Letters: Steven Legge, Julian Darius
Cover Art: Janaina Medeiros
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: out of 5 stars
Comments: “New Frontiers,” Part 3 Our Martian in a human body does not like Robert F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King. Kennedy and Martin may have been Martians as well.
President Johnson was influenced by this Martian and the Vietnam War as well. It becomes clear that this Martian has been influencing world events especially ones including the U.S. to create violence.
The man’s name is never mentioned he is shown just sitting there. It is obvious he is in control and manipulates events for his own gain.
The art does look great and features some well known characters from U.S. politics.
The story needs to become more about the Martian directly than just narrating about him influencing the world. Plus we need to learn more about the woman he is talking to.
“The Second Most Dangerous Game,”
Part 1 The art here is black and white and has a cute look to it.
This story is about a hunter. He had hunter lots of game on his last trip. So one man captures another man who is a hunter and his wife. Is this other man a hunter as well? Does he plan to hunt the hunter? Perhaps the next issue will reveal that. 

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