RICH REVIEWS: Martian Comics # 5

Title: Martian Comics # 5
Publisher: Martian Lit
Writer: Julian Darius
Artists: Mansyur Daman, David A. Frizell
Colors: Donovan Yaciuk, Diego Rodriguez
Letters: Julian Darius and Steven Legge
Cover Art: David A. Frizell
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “The Canals of Earth” Now on Mars a female and a male were a couple, Earth, and Sparek. Sparek breaks his word to her and suffers because of it. Is this just a tale of how writing started or was it real? Who can say?
This issue as you read more of it you will realize that the roles of Earth and Mars are reversed here as we look at things through the Martians eyes. Yes, here Martians are the heroes and Earthlings the invader’s prose and then video.
The art presents Mars in gorgeous illustrations and its people too. The drawings beautifully render the depiction of the Martians alien civilization. The colors are beautifully presented.
This is a wonderfully told tale that leaves you in awe of Martian culture and how it parallels Earth’s.

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