RICH REVIEWS: Martian Comics # 3

martian-comics-3Title: Martian Comics # 3
Publisher: Martian Lit
Writer: Julian Darius
Artists: Jason Muhr, Mansjur Daman, Sergio Tarquini
Colors: R.L. Campos
Letters: Colin Bell
Cover Art: David A. Frizell
Price: $4.99 US (kindle)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “One Small Step” Beautiful artwork as we get a look at a Martian and how their civilization compares to Earth’s. There is a big difference.
“Safari” A young Martian boy is about to be sent on a test by his father. The Martian landscape is breathtaking. The cities are illustrated as architectural wonders. The red landscape is so fitting. The young Martian is put to the test and you can easily feel his fear. He still acts though. He proves himself worthy of being a Khylos Man. Traditions are passed down from one generation to the next. Are they necessary though? Here we see one Martian family thinks so. It is a bit touching the bond that forms between father and son.
“Ezekiel” A Martian lands on Earth in the past and we see how a Earth man would react. The spaceship is illustrated amazingly.
“What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?” This story is about religion but it is very hard to follow. The words do flow smoothly. Knowing more about the bandaged man would have made the story better.
“Another Small Step” Here we see a human land on the moon yes its Neil Armstrong. Mars and Earth do have similarities. Nice drawings on the Martians they do stand out.
“Small Talk with Rats” The Girl from Mars, Chapter 5. Ok this story makes no sense. Maybe if you had read the previous chapters it would but not by itself. The people especially one man/martian is interesting but what is he up to?
“The Other” The Girl from Mars, Chapter 6. One man a Martian wants to control humans and martians. He is a Sociopath and his calm demeanor brings across the fact he is evil.
The message at the end of this comic about women in comic creation and cosplayers is an important one. They deserve respect.

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