RICH REVIEWS: Martian Comics # 2

martian-comics-2Title: Martian Comics # 2
Publisher: Martian Lit
Writer: Julian Darius
Artists: Sergio Tarquini
Colors: R.L. Campos
Letters: Colin Bell
Cover Art: Sergio Tarquini
Cover Colors: R.L. Campos
Price: $ 4.99 US (kindle)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “You Can’t Say Dallas Doesn’t Love You” Isabella is definitely one unique individual. Now this Martain in an Earth woman’s body may get a job as a spokesperson.
The story jumps around in time way to much. You can still follow it. It is just why does it do that. The art at times becomes flat.
The twist in this part is so obvious you will see it from a mile away.
“Lazarus” Jesus has brought back Lazarus from the dead. For Jesus he is revered but for Lazarus things are different. Lazarus finds things are now hard for him. He is an outcast. Yes he is alive again but he has lost his life. You cannot help but feel sorry for him.

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