RICH REVIEWS: Local Man: Bad Girls Special 

Title: Local Man: Bad Girls Special
Publisher: Image Comics
Story & Art: Tim Seeley, Tony Feecs
Colors by: Brad Simpson, Felipe Sobreiro, Brian Reber
Covers: Tim Seeley, Brian Reber
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: Two superheroines sit in a restaurant as one narrates a story.
“The Sixth” The Sixth is one gorgeous villainess. She takes away all males from Earth. The female superheroes have to make the best of it as they rally to deal with the effects. This story does not have much action and the storyline is not gotten into. The characters there are a lot and none are featured. There are lots of great characters they are not used they are just there.
“Chapter 9: Crossjack” One superheroine Fright Girl has power from an alien god and the alien tries another host Crossjack. This story is not explained enough how it fully fits in with these two women.
Neon one of the two women reaccounts her past filling us in nicely. Neon did suffer loss yet with Camo she found a new home and purpose.
So we finally learn why Neon picked up this other woman. The whole comic needed to be better organized and to explain better what was going on and who was who.
Selina J delivers pin-ups that look gorgeous after the story. The women are illustrated as dangerous and beautiful. There are writeups on some of the characters as well.
This book does have some beautiful female art.

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