RICH REVIEWS: Kord and Harley: Seven Deadly Sins (GN)

Title: Kord and Harley: Seven Deadly Sins (GN)
Publisher: Arcana
Created by: Matthew R. Adams
Writer: Matthew R. Adams
Pencils: Mark Henry & Jonathan Rector
Inks: Ed Eargle, Greg Harms, Zach Bassett & James Whynot, Roman Morales III
Colors: Daniel Lorentz & Chandran Ponnusamy
Letters: Kel Nuttall, Dave Rothe & Shawns Depasquale
Cover by: Tarick Blaine
Price: $ 24.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Seven Deadly Sins” A Priest, a Nun and a guy tied up along with two monsters form a team for good. They hunt demons for the church. Kord is a Golem type demon creature and Harley a half human/half lizard being.
A Detective calls in this team of monster hunters. Here they find Gluttony in human form a creature of huge proportions. Kord mixes it up with Gluttony these two are both heavy hitters and evenly matched.
Kord and Harley do find themselves in lots of fights against demons. The Priest and Nun help out too but they are more the brains of the operation.
Ms. Calein Wicked aka Lust makes her appearance. All of the Seven Deadly Sins are joining in as the story goes on. There is a lot of fighting which could have been done more exciting.
The real demon is illustrated with a very evil looking countenance. The demons just keep popping up all over. The Seven Deadly Sins are free. The Priest, Nun and their two monster warriors continue fighting. Kord even gets an upgrade. Harley even while in battle has fun. He knows the danger he faces and still, he lives his life to enjoy it.
You do get to learn the personalities of Kord and Harley. Also, the Priest is a no-nonsense and no stopping man. He just keeps coming.
Blood Red North” Gorgeous monsterific art starts this story off.
This story takes place in the Great White North here the Nun, Kord, and Harley find a creature and ghosts. There is some testing to see who is stronger and it ends up with a solution to the problem. The old saying applies here, leave well enough alone and hope it leaves you alone.
Kord and Harley do make up a good monster hunting team. The art in this book various with different artists. The story flows by fast so you do not get a chance to really get into it. The Priest and Nun are both good characters but you do not find out much about their past and how they came to be where they are.
The great scary monsters including Kord and Harley make this book something you would like to pick up.

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