Have you Read VampFire: Special Bundle!

This was my Very first Creator owned comicbook project that I wrote and illustrated back in 1996.

This reIssue of #1, although not perfect (had a printing booboo) will be a groovy read and I’ll include #2, #3 and a few pencil art prints in the bundle as well!
So if you never read my more grown-up work…I think you’ll enjoy this Gothic Romance!
Here’s the Story: Bethany is half Demon and Half Vampire. Her Boyfriend is the Angel of Death and her Mother, Salome, wants her dead! A Gothic Romance that takes you to Hell and Back. Illustrated in rich black and white art. Fans of ‘the Crow’, the Warren ‘Vampirella’ series and Anne Rice Novels will enjoy this Comic….and any resemblance to Buffy the Vampire slayer…well I wrote this comic before that show…soooo 😛

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Cover penciled by Jim and Ink by me 🙂

while supplies last

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