RICH REVIEWS: Knight # 3

Title: Knight # 3
Publisher: Evoluzione Publishing
Knight: Knights of the New Age Act III: Hesitation
Writer/Letterer: Guido Martinez
Penciller/Inker: Mauri
Colors by: Marcus Odoms
Letters: David Herbert & Guado Martinez
Price: $ 1.99 US (PDF)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Knights of the New Age Act III: Hesitation” The Knight is in the fight of his life as he takes on three super powered villains. Plus their leader is there as well. He may be the most powerful of them all. A Wizard, dragon, zombie queen and assassin he faces all at once. The Knight and Executioner take each other’s measure.
In this issue we learn more about Whisper and what the Wizard Gallows is doing yet mysteries still remain. Whisper does have an attitude problem. The Knight trusts her and she still has issues of trust about him. Knight lets her into his life and he is focused on having her trust him.
Whisper is drawn as a beauty and her skin tight costume shows off her beauty as well. Knight is drawn like you would expect a modern knight to be.
While out on a rooftop at a stadium they spot Gravedigger and her zombies. A nice night out turns into something more.
Gravedigger has plans into the concert for all the attendees. Meanwhile Knight and Whisper are in for the fight of their lives as Executioner and Dragonsbreath make their move. This is an all out battle for their lives and to stop Gallow’s schemewhatever it may be. The excitement is building and the action is fast who will live and who will die?

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