RICH REVIEWS: Bomb Queen: Trump Card # 1

Title: Bomb Queen: Trump Card # 1
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer/Artist: Jimmie Robinson
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The White Knight a super-hero has a plan to get Bomb Queen elected President of the United States. She just has to beat Trump and than resign so the White Knight can get America back on track. Like the Bomb Queen is going to do that.
The White Knight looks chivalrous and Bomb Queen looks sexy hanging upside down showing off her very small black panties. As these two talk you will find their banter amusing.
The White Knight has the Queen captive and you know that will not last. So her escape is a thing of beauty. You see this is a mature comic with the face sitting. Bomb Queen does have one cute butt.
The public opinion on Bomb Queen is positive for the most part. She has actually done some good for the county.
Z-Gen is a super-hero team made up of really super losers.  The fight with Bomb Queen is fun to watch as these heroes throw down with her and their real plan comes out. These loser heroes are illustrated wonderfully to show how bad they are. Bomb Queen needed to be illustrated more sexy.
This is a good first issue it lets you know who Bomb Queen is and what is going on plus it has some fun moments and fighting. Bomb Queen is back!

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