RICH REVIEWS: John Kirby: Firefox # 2

Title: John Kirby: Firefox # 2
Publisher: Will Lill Comics
Writer, Colorist & Letterer: Warren Montgomery
Artist: Luis Rivera
Homage Cover: Ron Stewart & Montgomery
Editor: Mark F. Davis
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Lord Doma is illustrated as a woman in charge. She is written and drawn with a commanding presence. Her overall look just says power.
The comic needed a proof reader to check for spelling and grammar.
Firefox is a Knight of Dyveq fighting for the planet Rybexx. There is a beautifully drawn pin-up page of him posed jumping into action. Doma and Firefox are shown in all out battle action. Even without words, the intensity of their fight comes through loud and clear.
Stellar Rage is introduced here and she is briefly shown but delivers an impact. She is beautifully colored and has a simple costume design with her alien appearance that makes her stand out.
Firefox is a high impact comic that just grabs your attention.

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