ART’S REVIEWS: Adam Mudman Bezecny: Jim Anthony, Super Detective vs. Mastermind

Author, editor, publisher, and film maker Adam Bezecny has published the 5th collection of new Jim Anthony stories in Airship 27’s series.  This is a collection of 4 stories that are interrelated and represent a single story line in 4 parts.  It is full of action and lots of adventure.  Another major book from Airship 27!

Not only that.  Adam and I are two bibliophiles (especially when it comes to Pulp) and we discuss several of our favorite series.  The show notes will direct you to some of these interesting and somewhat off beat offerings.

There is also a tip of the hat to librarian and uber pulp scholar, Jess Nevins.  We accidently misstated the name of his recent pulp story anthology, but we corrected that in the notes and STAGECOACH Mary is also offered for your enjoyment.

Also for Philip Jose Farmer fans, Adam is a big PJF and Wold Newton fan and in his story, The Divine Mrs. E, there is a long discourse on PJF that is integral to the story!

We had a free wheeling discussion and a lot of fun.  You will too!  You will even learn the secret of Adam’s unusual middle name.


Jim Anthony, Super Detective vs.  Mastermind, Volume 5:


Adam Bezecny’s Amazon Author’s Page:


Stagecoach Mary by jess Nevins:


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Harry Steven Keeler Page at Amazon:

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