RICH REVIEWS: John Carpenter’s Asylum Volume 2

Title: John Carpenter’s Asylum Volume 2
Publisher: Storm King Comics
Created by: John Carpenter, Thomas Ian Griffith and Sandy King
Written by: Sandy King and Trent Olsen
Art by: Tom Mandrake, Leonardo Manco
Colors by: Sian Mandrake, Mariana Sanzone
Letter Artist: Janice Chiang
Series Covers by: Tom Mandrake, Nick Percival
Cover Art by: Tim Bradstreet
Price: $ 24.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This Volume 2 collects issues seven through 14 of the regular series.
A blind man travels to the place between Heaven and Hell. He can see here and what he sees is a place filled with monstrosities.
Leo does have to deal with one creature getting to close. These creatures are nightmares come to life. Leo is tested more and with his hidden talents he survives.
Leo’s purpose is not revealed. Why is he in Hell?
The best part of this issue is the fantastic art work. The Hellish creatures will frighten you as you use your imagination or if you dream of them.
Leo is attacked by a host of nightmarish creatures. These things are drawn straight from your most vile of nightmares.
Pablo a young boy has his hair change color from blonde to dark brown. The colorist made a mistake.
Leo must journey through a monster filled jungle. Once you see this jungle and its denizens are illustrated a fierce threatening quality that will leave you feeling afraid very afraid.
Grammar should have been checked.
Jackson and Daniel are drawn in a realistic style as well as all the people on Earth. It does stand out and really captivates your attention.
The story needs to be more straightforward.
The art though does make picking up this comic worthwhile. The monsters will amazing you at how evil and vile they appear.
Here you will learn a lesson that when you face evil it is never easy. No matter how well prepared you are, or how well armed you will be pushed and it will never be an easy task.
Evil is given shape here. The art is amazing in its portrayal of evil. The creatures in it are horrific.
The pin-up page of a creature walking is illustrated so well it will frighten you and make you think yes it could really exist.
The detective and priest are on the hunt for whatever is behind the missing children. Beckett and Duran are on the side of the angels and they are doing all they can to help find out what is taking the young boys. They have an idea of what it is and they are going to find it and stop it. They are determined. Of course facing an evil such as this requires more. In the battle of good vs evil who will win?
The terror the demons create seems so real.
The detective and priest do have a working plan for dealing with those possessed by a demon. As they implement it we see the demon.
The art here illustrates these creatures as vile evil things that not even your worst nightmares could produce.
Two police officers find a bus and do not wait for backup. They should have waited. It is a scene of horror.
The female demon here is gorgeously created as a thing of dark beauty with a atmosphere of vile evil that will both turn you on and repulse you. Demons are tempting in many ways.
The horrific art grabs you. You will believe evil exists after seeing this. The detective and priests faces have a surreal look to them. It is realistic but you know they are in a world where evil things lurk and they know it.
The detective and priest are after a killer of children.
The creature art is right out of a horror movie of the most terrifying kind.
As the creature is shown we are given lots of clues to who and what he is. His master and his master’s master though we learn little about. Mysteries still abound here.
The action really heats up. It gets as hot as Hell.
Does good always triumph over evil? As you read this comic you will not be so sure.
The visual art is stunning. You will feel the evil in the air. The scenery, people and especially the demons you have to see them. The demons are so realistic in depiction. The winged female demon does give the present of evil to her surroundings and also especially being totally nude a sensuality is about her.
The detective and priest are hunting evil. They have a mission and it is one that risks everything since if they fail they and humanity lose everything.
The story line could be a little clearer and it would be good to have some character development.
The ending to this part presents a gorgeous illustration that will leave you breathless.
Gorgeous art to illustrate a flying demon lady. She is shown nude and evil.
There is a lot of fighting going on here. It can be hard to tell who is who things do get clearer though.
The Priest now has wings and is some kind of angel. The Detective is given heavenly weapons in the form of a sword and shield. These weapons do resonant with power. The Priest and Detective working as a team make short work of the demon. The demons are evil but the two against them are as bad as they come in a fight.
The art will just blow you away in this ultimate battle of good vs evil.
It is an all out battle with the life of a child in the balance. A little explanation as to why this battle is going on would be nice.
The art is gorgeous and the demon reeks of evil. Than you get to see the pack of demons and these creatures are drawn to frighten your soul. The scenes of demonic chaos are awe inspiring.
The story is about the fight between evil and good just good is not totally good.
Duran and Beckett are forces fighting to stop evil. They are great characters.
The story though needs to explain itself more.
The scenes of art portraying the evil demonic forces ready to conquer Earth and destroy mankind are illustrated so enticingly.
You will be drawn into this art and feel the pure evil oozing out of the pages.
There is a cover gallery in the back. Plus biographies on all the talented people that worked on this comic.

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