RICH REVIEWS: Joey Ryan: Big In Japan # 1

Title: Joey Ryan: Big In Japan # 1 (One Shot)
Publisher: Chido Comics
Story & Script: Tres Dean
Art, Colors & Letters: Jamie Jones
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Joey Ryan is a former wrestler. Here he is written with attitude. He is stuck up but with a likable personality.
The art style exaggerates body parts. It is also done with a cartoonish look.
Joey trains for days for a match against Butch Satan. They have a Japanese Death Match. These two go all out beating the hell out of each other. The violence is ultra high. Joey has one finishing move that will leave you stunned.
Wrestling fans will love this over the top look at Joey Ryan. He is exciting, fun, energetic and charismatic in the ring.
What is up with the gummy bears? They seem to be a trademark of Joey Ryan’s.
Look out world Joey Ryan is back and so is his dong!

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