RICH REVIEWS: Faro: Winter 1866

Title: Faro: Winter 1866
Publisher: Faro Comics
Written by: Faro Kane
Cover by: Emil Cabaltierra
Featuring the Talents of: Emil Cabaltierra, Savy Lim, Robb Epps, Drayven Blaze, Baby the Bulldog, Jose Varese
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: In this world, this future Earth Abraham Lincoln did not die. So American took over half the planet. The art does look amazing with wonderful colors.
Than we go back to 1866. Lincoln and his associates are keeping busy.
Faro has a wild and weird life. His friend Captain Muzio aka the Mauler with Faro’s help is going off on his own adventures.
A grammar checker was needed for this issue.
Faro does have amazing adventures.
The art is featureless. It is done in to cartoonish a style. The combination rocket and deep sea diving suit is a nostalgic look from an earlier era.
The ultimate battle occurs here its Faro vs Master Wu. Than Faro joins Rachael for some fun.
Faro offers some great advice that you should go on an adventure. Yes you should.
The ending to our tale is really a beginning as well. If you thought it was over your wrong. Things are just getting started for our time travelling hero, Faro.

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