RICH REVIEWS: Jakuta # 2

Title: Jakuta # 2
Publisher: Brown Roof Studios
Story: Ayegbusi D. Tobiloba
Story Edits: Talib Morayo
Art: Okereafor Aanu
Colours: Grillo Adedayo, Ikupolati Success
Letters: Samuel Adekanmi
Cover Art: Ariyibi Toluwalase (Pitch), Ikupolati Success
Variant Covers: Okereafor Aanu, McLord Alfred, Adedayo Erivic, Grillo Adedayo
Creator: Adedayo Erivic
Price: free online
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: As we first see the dark Goddess she appears as a striking being one you know to fear and respect. The Ocean Goddess is beautifully illustrated as well.
Jakuta is a new King. He finds himself under attack already.
The portayal of Goddesses is done well. You will learn a little of African mythology here.
The whole comic does bring across the ancient traditions of Africa. The way the people think and act and of the deities involved. Plus there is court drama to. We also see caring for this newly made King Jakuta.
Jakuta seems laid back, he is not at all excited about becoming king. He is not making decisons. For a newly crowned king he needs to be doing more.
Ilove all the references to African mythology and the varous deities and goddesses. Thse are the best part of this comic and stand out the most.

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