RICH REVIEWS: Indie Comics # 3

Title: Indie Comics # 3
Publisher: Aazurn Publishing
Contributors: Rick Bonn, Terry Cronin, Paul Bradford, Brad Olrich, Gary Scott Beatty
Cover Design by: Gary Scott Beatty
Price: $ 4.99 US
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Rohrr! Chapter 3: Perchance To Dream?” created & written by Rick Bonn, illustrated by Christopher Herndon and lettered by Dave Lanphear of A Larger World Studios.
In a primitive world one man dreams to fly. The illustrations of the creatures is done in a grayish coloring. The art does have some nicely done close ups of the primitive man. This story is inspiring. It makes you think dreams can come true.
“To Hell” by Gary Scott Beatty.
Here we have a Constantine look alike, British, cigarette smoking magic tough guy. Here this magic guy gets what he deserves. He screwed over so many saving others and thought nothing of it. The art is a bit vague but overall it shows off the various mystical creatures as they should be.
“The Flame of Faith, Conclusion: The Incubus” Story by Terry Cronin, art by Julia Lichty, pinup by Lisa Murphy and lettering by Gary Scott Beatty.
A man here has what appear to be cysts all over his body but they are huge ones. This story turns into a fight between good and evil. Its Incubus vs Succubus. The fight ends for now but the story is left partial undone. The vampires are well drawn and the fight scene between them and the children is as well.
“Accused” by Gary Scott Beatty.
This is a short story about how the Devil would really attack. Very nice art on the Devil as well.
“Horde” by Gary Scott Beatty.
This story is way to short its over before it begins and it has no punch line. The dragon is well drawn and something you would want to see.
“Hostile Takeover” by Paul Bradford.
Tommy guns are drawn perfectly. We see how the world of gangsters operates. It is a great story with lots of violence.
“Captain” by Gary Scott Beatty.
A Captain and his crew are on a long term mission. The Captain was a brave man and got his wife and crew through so much. Now though he and his wife are old. The Captain faced the impossible and got his crew to their new paradise. He was a hero.
This is a great collection of short stories and any and everyone can and will find something of interest here.

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