RICH REVIEWS: Flutter Volume Two

Title: Flutter Volume Two
Publisher: 215 Ink
Story by: Jennie Wood
Art by: Jeff McComsey
Colors by: Chris Goodwin
Letters by: Jeff McClelland
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The art style is rough. The coloring is subdued.
We start off here with two girls having relationship troubles. One wants to move faster than the other. Lily and Jesse do make a cute couple. Penelope and Jesse seem like they are on the run.
Lily has something different about her. She can be stronger than she looks. She was part of some experiment. She can change into a boy, Jesse.
The story is kind of hard to fully follow. If you had read Volume One it would probably be a lot easier.
Penelope has some kind of disease, probably cancer but its not said for sure. Finally we are told she has leukemia.
Jesse ends up facing a hard decision. It is one that will affect the rest of her/his life.
Jesse/Lily and Penelope end up playing heroes as Penelope was being treated by Jesse’s father. She to gets abilities and some are different than Jesse’s.
Aw ok Lily and Jesse are the same person and Penelope is her/his lover. This was really hard to figure out throughout this issue. It was not easy to tell this.
Now the ending is spot on. This is exactly how you wanted it to end. Lily and Penelope are in love and they are doing good with their lives helping others. They are super-heroes just like normal people, almost.

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