RICH REVIEWS: Hero Cats # 21

Title: Hero Cats # 21
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Written by: Kyle Puttkammer with assist from Keek Stewart
Pencils, Inks, & Colors Assistance: Andy Duggan
Colors: Daniel Hooker
Letters: George Gant
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Stellar City is getting a lot of snow more than usual. The snow is not stopping and it’s up to the Hero Cats to solve the problem.
These cats are smart they figure out what to do right away and act on it. The adventure turns into one of the strangest things you will ever see. Wait till you see how Rocket one of the Hero Cats gets them to a weather station. Once there Ice Fleas stand guard. Have you ever seen an Ice Flea?
Zoa is in need of help. The Hero Cats: Ace, Cassiopeia, Rocco, Rocket, Belle and Midnight make up this team of brave felines. They are not the only heroes in town as the Hero Bots help them out. They are cute looking robots.
Zoe the Zoapede is in need of help. With the Heroes around on Earth, she gets it and then some.
“Aftermath on Skyworld” Story by Kyle Puttkammer, art by Sarah Kuchta and letters by George Gant.
In Skyworld Bandit and Lancelot lead the team of heroes willing to defend Skyworld. It is all peace and quiet for now but you never know what evil lurks around the next bend or in a dark cave.

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