How AI is Changing the Gaming World

If you follow the world of online gaming or even casino entertainment, then you’ll know that innovation and new technologies are critical factors that enhance player engagement and satisfaction. For example, the proliferation of smartphones and the entry of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality changed the way games are delivered and consumed. With these technologies, gaming becomes more immersive, re-shaping the concept of what games should and how these are played. Now, there’s another emerging technology that’s ready to take the gaming world to another level- Artificial Intelligence (AI). Sure, this technology is nothing new, with the first AI-powered game introduced in the 1950s, but it is through the recent improvements in AI that helped put the technology in the spotlight and started the talk among gaming insiders and players.

A quick look on AI in video games


The technology now well-known as AI is synonymous with video games, and have been around ever since you started playing games. In fact, if you have played just one video game in the last few months or even years, there’s a chance that you have interacted with a character that runs on AI. Whether you love the thrill that comes with racing, strategy games like SimCity 3000 or its latest reincarnation as SimCity Build It or played casual free poker online, there’s a big chance that you have encountered certain elements of AI. So what exactly is AI, and how this is changing the way we see games and the entertainment that comes with it? As used in gaming, AI refers to a technology or tool used to create adaptive, responsive and intelligent actions and behaviors for non-player characters (NPC). Artificial Intelligence is often the technology that explains and runs the characters that you normally don’t play with like the neutral merchants, enemies on the battleground and animals. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same appreciation and passion for AI, and some individuals even suggest that AI is not reflective of ‘true intelligence’. For this set of individuals, AI is simply a marketing buzzword, something that is used to enhance the brand and excite players. Misunderstanding aside, AI is making its presence felt, and it holds a bright future for the gaming industry on a number of counts.

Next-generation AI, improved visuals


If one takes a look at the old games and the new ones that run on AI, it would be easy to spot the difference. With the AI-powered games, players get a chance to explore improved visuals on a variety of games, from simulated cities to Omaha High free poker games. Through the use of deep learning and easy access to data, game designers can easily tweak and improve gaming environments to come up with ultra-realistic environment and characters. In fact, thanks to these recent innovations, some are suggesting that upcoming games can improve how characters are rendered and played on the screen. Characters can become more realistic, and their actions are more natural and even human-like. For example in online casinos, when you play online poker, AI is manifested in bots that act as dealers on the table. This technology can provide poker players with a chance to enjoy a truly authentic casino experience without the need to leave home and travel for miles. The technology can also enhance the way the characters speak, act and behave, allowing them to become more believable on-screen. In short, AI is making the games more engaging by presenting truly authentic characters that players can relate to.

Personalized gaming now possible


Experts are also weighing the potential of a personalized play through the use of AI.  An improved AI out in the market also builds the potential for personalized play. If this technology can collect and analyze more player data and see through their likes and preferences in gaming, then video and free poker games can come up with highly specific gaming situations in-game. Through the use of AI, a number of MMORPG titles out there can direct players and enthusiasts in the direction of quests and prizes. In combat and fighting games, players will be given the chance to interact with ‘more challenging and intelligent players’ that can read combat patterns and provide more resistance. Simply put, the use of the technology can make future games more challenging, and casino titles like Texas Hold’em more like a personal environment.


And speaking of personalized gaming, AI can also help you train certain skills and competencies. For example, chess players in recent years have managed to take advantage of AI through Deep Blue. This is a computer machine that runs on AI which is equipped with computing skills, allowing it to pit skills and ‘intelligence’ with professional chess players. The most popular player to have played against Deep Blue is Garry Kasparov, and the program developed by IBM made history as the first one to notch a win against a human player. Although the games were tainted with some complaints, there is no denying the fact that AI changed the way chess games are played and enjoyed by players and pros alike. Today, the same technology can be found in other chess applications and related games, which helps players in their skills training and preparations. A variation of this game is Stockfish, which is designed as an open-source and free chess game. This is one of the best rated games out there, as it uses up to 512 CPU cores and depends on bit boards.


Artificial intelligence is the future of gaming and expected to change the way games are played and enjoyed. Whether it’s redefining the way players interact with the games, the environment, the content or even the manner in which these games are designed, it’s obvious that AI has long-term impacts on the gaming industry. It’s only a matter of time before the best games powered by AI will dominate the gaming market and convert non-believers into passionate players.






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