RICH REVIEWS: Hellboy: Into The Silent Sea

Title: Hellboy: Into The Silent Sea (GN)
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Story by: Mike Mignola & Gary Gianni
Art by: Gary Gianni
Colors by: Dave Stewart
Letters by: Clem Robins
Cover Art by: Mike Mignola with Dave Stewart
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The setting is dreary. Hellboy sets sail from an Island and meets a ship. Hellboy is being very quiet. The ship is full of sailors from past era.
The art gives the characters a rough look. Hellboy as well is drawn roughly. The Lady is an odd character. She is down right creepy.
Superstitions abound here.
Hellboy finds himself in a battle against some creature that should not be living. Next, the sea definitely has its fill of sea monsters. These things are hideous.
This story has a number of twists and turns in it. Somethings are not explained till right at the end.
This is a creepy adventure that Hellboy would rather not have had and no one else would want to have either.

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