RICH REVIEWS: Diablo House # 1

Title: Diablo House # 1
Publisher: IDW
Written and Created by: Ted Adams
Art by: Santiperez
Colors by: Jay Fotos
Lettering and Edits by: Robbie Robbins
Cover: Santiperez/Colors by Jay Fotos
Variant Covers: Gabriel Rodriguez, Santiperez/Colors by Jay Fotos
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Riley is the host of Diablo House. He is a surfer dude and written with a very likable personality. Riley narrates and his descriptions and explanations will grab your attention.
Well first off we look in on a couple that met as children and we fast forward through their lives and in the present, they are married. RC the husband works at Fitzey’s Fast Fresh Fish. Well one thing leads to another and RC gets rich and his wife leaves him. She was a gold digger. Angie made a deal with Diablo House. What was the deal? The ending leaves you hanging waiting for a punch line to the story but there is none.
The second story is short “Anchovies!?!” story by Ted Adams and art by Troy Little. What lurks behind the doors of Diablo House? We find out whats behind a few of them here. The art is cute with a scary touch.
Riley’s character makes this book work. He is written and drawn perfectly for this. You will be scared and feel at home with Riley in Diablo House.

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