RICH REVIEWS: Hellbillies (FCBD)

Title: Hellbillies (FCBD)
Publisher: King Bone Press
Created by: Bryan Boles and Jon Westoff
Art, Logos and Cover by: Bryan Boles
Interior Colors by: Timothy O’Briant
Script and Letters by: Jon Westhoff
Price: free (online)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Eussie and Ann are two country boys. They have a friend named Mary and she knows how to use a shovel.
The art is done in a cartoon style that has a cute side to it.
These three are attacked in the swamp. The alligators are drawn slightly menacing. Plus they are no ordinary gators.
Mary is a girl of action and attitude.
This threesome do get to battle different types of creatures as they refer to a werebear from a previous issue. Who knows what they will face in upcoming issues.
This issue has a fun playful side to it even as they are fighting the gators to just stay alive.

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