RICH REVIEWS: Grave Trancers # 1

Title: Grave Trancers # 1
Publisher: Black Mask
Writer: Mark Miller
Artist: James Michael Whynot
Colorist: Dee Cunniffe
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Production Artist: Phil Smith
Produced by: Matt Pizzolo
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The art has a rough look to it. It fits the illustrations of the Vikings.
The man in the gas mask with a crown of thorns is a mysterious sight.
The art overall seems unfinished. The faces are flat and need more detail.
A brother and sister, Anthony and Maribel are on a drive to visit their father’s grave. The brother and sister do have a great relationship.
At the graveyard/funeral home, Anthony and Maribel meet the caretakers and they are weird. A mother Mamm and her son Godfrey. There are others too in this graveyard.
This story does turn into what you might expect from a horror movie. Once strange things start happening they happen fast.
This graveyard is a place where the terrifying happens. You do not want to be here.

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