RICH REVIEWS: God’s Creatures A Biblical View of Animals

Title: God’s Creatures A Biblical View of Animals
Publisher: Cladach Publishing
Author: Susan Bulanda
Price: $ 11.49 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: As you read this book you will know through the writing that the author does care about animals. You will also see she is very knowledgeable about the bible and how it pertains to animals.
The bible states that God created both wild and domestic animals. Domestic animals can live peacefully with humans.
The writing is easy to follow along with. We see the main difference between humans and animals is the soul.
God used animals to teach Adam and Eve about love and family. They get to see how animal families act.
A good message here and in the bible is if your kind to animals as a child you will be kind to humans as an adult.
When people care for animals they are caring for God’s creations. The author does understand the relationship shared between animals and humans.
You do learn some interesting facts about the bible and how animals are treated in it.
If you ever wondered why do humans and animals eat meat well within these pages you get an answer and yes it does make sense.
Humans and animals are meant to work together. This book does mention a lot how animals are mentioned in the bible.
God did make rules for both animals and humans. They though are not the same for both.
Do animals think and feel, well the answer to that is answered in the bible.
Also we learn about how animals and humans communicate.
There are some lovely color pictures of animals in the middle of the book. You get a nice variety just like God created a variety.
God not only communicates with humans but also with animals. He uses them in dealing with humans at times.
Animals do play an important part in our lives so understanding them better can only help us. Animals are not more important than humans but they are important to humans.
Do animals go to heaven well read this book and maybe you will form your own opinion.

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