ART’S REVIERWS: Eteka: Rise of the Imamba by Ben Hinson

Author Ben Hinson’s new novel “Eteka Rise of the Imamba” is a globe spanning story about African mercenaries and the world they helped make from the 1950 to the 1990s.  Wit the Cold War in the background and the liberation movements seeking to throw off the yoke of Colonialism, the Imamba Brotherhood tries to collect the best warriors from the African Continent to help bring about a transition to free nation states.  Along the way, the ideals of this group are corrupted until they become mercenaries responding to the requests of the highest bidder. But some of the members of the Brotherhood begin to question what tey are doing and why they are doing it.

This book is filed with excitement, action, adventure and serious moral questions.  It is a terrific read and keeps the momentum going up until a dramatic climax.

I highly recommend this terrific new book!


Eteka: Rise of the Imamba


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